About Us

Rallitribe is a USA-based company that works with skilled artisans from the valley of the ancient Indus civilization. Our products are handmade and our artists manufacture each individual article after spending a considerable amount of time in designing, cutting and stitching. Our strong network of hardworking and dedicated people ensures the timely manufacturing of high quality products to further beautify your home. We use the finest quality of fabric in all our product manufacturing and always keep quality our top priority.


Rallitribe does not follow the conventional business model; the core model is designed to support the underprivileged artisans and their families. We not only provide our artisans a platform to showcase their art and earn money, but also provide free education and mentorship to children in impoverished areas in Pakistan. Every product you buy ensures better rates to the artist and also pays a portion/full amount of one child’s education costs.